Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Ladder

In my dream I dreamed of a ladder,
Excited I asked myself and pondered
Is this the famous Jacob ladder? I doubted.
Wishing and hoping to repeat history
Wondering if God chose me to see his Glory
I looked up to see the gate of haven
But, God was not on top of the ladder
There were no angels to encounter;
It was Just a simple stepladder I climb up every day,
It was my own life I lived day by day.
So, I had a simple talk with the ladder
Though I knew it would not give me any answer.
“Every day I am trying to climb you up
Every day I hold on to you so tight
Afraid to let go and enjoy the scenery
I want to get to the top, I worry.
Sometimes I am afraid of falling,
Sometimes I am afraid of dying;
Why can’t I enjoy each step?
Why I am I focused only to get to the top?"

I should know each step is a journey,
Each step is a way to my destiny,
Each step makes me who I am today;
Each is step I passed is my history.
If I rush and get to the top,
I might miss what is really important.
I may not see the angels going up and down,
Or worse,  I may fall off and never see God on the crown.
I may never know how you are attached to the ground,
And how you reach the haven by the power of the unknown;
From now on I will enjoy your every step and blessing,
My life will be filled with singing, and rejoicing.

" Then he dreamed, and behold a ladder was setup on earth and its top reach to heaven; and there the angels of God were acending and decending on it... Genesis 28:12
Credit:  Paintings by Bereket Mamo

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