Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Adam and Eve

When Adam awake from a deep sleep,
Eve was  standing on the cliff
Admiring the heaven and taking a deep breath.
He didn't know who she was, but he felt his heart skip,
His first instinct was to give her a big kiss,
Not wanting to scare her, he decides to speak.
Still laying on the ground he said hello to her,
When she smiled and said hello, heaven starts to spin.
Overwhelmed by his feelings and the beauty of God’s gift,
He got up and walk toward her hiding his heartbeat.

He asked for her name, she said her name was Eve;
Her voice was like music, he couldn't speak but weep.
Then he  looked through her eyes to tell her how he felt,
But she run away and hid playing hard to get.
After looking for her for so many days and nights 
Excited by the chase and his animal instincts;
Adam declared his love, unable to wait.

“I think of you by day, I think of you by night,
Every minute I have every second I got.
The moment I laid my eyes on you, you took my heart and hide 
what else can you call this except love at first sight.
I don’t know what to do should I just let you go?
How can I know for sure unless you tell me so.
Sometimes I am so sure we share the same feeling
Sometimes I am afraid I am just imagining.
I wish you would tell me I wish I know your heart,
I can’t go anywhere I feel really stuck “

Eve finally came out and also confessed her love
She never loved no one, he is the only Man.
She told him the story, the part of her dream
From the day they met to the reason she is here.
They kissed, and hugged and laughed, they both looked at the stars;
They shared each other tears, they shared each other hearts.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and whenever we discuss the subject of Romantic Love the first love story that comes in our mind is Shakespeare’s "Romeo and Juliet". We often forget the very first love story that was written is actually in the bible, which is the Love between Adam and Eve. If only it was written in details of how they fall in love and what they really said to each other, it would have been the most romantic story ever written. After all Adam loved Eve so much he was willing to eat the forbidden fruit that got him in so much trouble...This poem is my version of their love story, please share if you have one…Happy Valentine’s.

“The Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and he slept; and he took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh in its place. Then the rib which the Lord God had taken from man he made it in to a woman and brought her to the man.” Genesis 2: 21-22


  1. Oh, my… the greatest love story that has never been told like this. Wow. You captured the beauty.
    "They shared each other tears, they shared each other hearts."
    Well done! really what a great poet/writer you are.

    1. Thank you Berry!!!I had so much fun writing this :) It is a little exaggerated but it is OK I had so much fun writing this... but you always inspire me to write more.

  2. Good imagination I love it suite the month of February God bless your brain.

    1. Amen and thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed it. God bless you!